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Our inventory consists of many different styles and sizes of trunks; standard wooden flat top, metal flat top, round top, and wardrobes.

Refurbished Antique Trunks

What is a refurbished trunk?

Refurbished antique trunks are trunks manufactured in colonial America between 1830 and 1910 that have been brought back to life after many years of being stored in basements, attics or garages. The refurbishing process includes a complete strip down, cleaning, deodorizing, removing rust from metal parts, sanding the wood, furnishing necessary parts, tung oil or staining of the outside wood, relining the inside according to the “Stevens Method” and finally coating the outside with polyurethane. The process takes an average of 52 hours per trunk from start to finish, depending on the size of the trunk, and its special needs.

Present day uses of refurbished antique trunks:

Refurbished antique trunks, properly done, make very handsome useful and attractive pieces of furniture. It is a great way to preserve a treasured heirloom from grandparents or parents that can be handed down to the children of the family. They can be used as coffee tables with storage capacity, a display of American history from the colonial days, storage facilities for anything imaginable, hope chests, doll trunks etc. showing the high quality of American made goods manufactured in colonial times.

The cost of refurbishing an antique trunk:

There is a distinct difference between restoring an antique trunk and refurbishing an antique trunk. Restoring a trunk literally means re-establishing it to its original state. Restoring may entail tearing down all its parts and putting it together, like a puzzle, making it look like new. The restoring process is practically not feasible because it would be time consuming and not cost effective. Refurbishing, as outlined above, is the next best solution to breathing new life into your treasured old trunk.

The cost to refurbish an antique trunk by the Stevens Antique Trunks Company is based on labor, parts, material and its size. Not all old trunks can be refurbished because so many may be beyond repair due to the overexposure to time and the elements. To get an estimate of the cost to refurbish your antique trunk, please call 201-768-1463.

The SA TrunkStore

Refurbished Antique Trunks for Sale:

The refurbished antique trunks pictured below are labeled with an ML # or an SS # with sizes and other distinctive information displayed for your convenience. In the refurbishing process, the trunks are lined according to the Stevens Antique Trunks method with 1/8 inch thick decorative paneling which adds strength, quality and easy maintenance of the trunk. Wallpaper and material can be used as an interior lining instead of paneling upon request.

Getting an estimate to refurbish your trunk:

Do you have an antique trunk you want refurbished? Customers within commuting distance to our Closter, NJ address can bring their trunks to us for a refurbishing evaluation or to see the refurbished trunks we have on display. Please call, (201) 768-1463 for directions and our availability.

For customers beyond a reasonable commuting distance to our Closter, NJ address, refurbished trunks can be shipped by UPS or FEDEX to or from any part of the continental USA and the world. (Orders from outside of the continental USA must be purchased with US currency.) The packing and shipping charges will be added to the cost of the trunk.

Cost of wrapping a standard size trunk for shipping by UPS or FEDEX….$85.00

Cost of shipping can be obtained by calling your local UPS or FEDEX office giving them the weight and size of the trunk, your ZIP Code and our ZIP Code which is 07624 in New Jersey.)

New Jersey residents add 7% sales tax.

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